Our Mission
To carry Man and Materials to their several and various destination within the Nigeria states safely, comfortably and promptly.

Our Vision
To provide solutions to transportation and logistics needs in an innovative manner that exceeds the expectation of respective stakeholders.

About Us

Okeyson Investment Services Ltd is incorporated in NIgeria to carry on the business of proprietors and carriers of goods and passengers both in public conveyances and in private vehicles. The company runns safe and efficient intercity and intracity transport and courier operations with a fleet of modern safe vehicles.

Okeyson Investment Services Ltd was quoted as one of Nigeria's top transporters, and ferries passengers to over 80 destinations from its main hubs in Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, Port Harcourt and Calabar.

Okeyson Investment Services Ltd has a safety record that is second to none and our staff are always pleased to be assistance to our passengers.